Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Winter Fun writing lesson 2-4-2014

Here is the link to the worksheet. 

It says " I like the sled for 3 reasons. First, it is fun. Second, I get to play in the snow. Third, I get to build a hill. That is why I like to sled in the winter"

I LOVE being a homeschooler!!!

sight word progress 3-25-2014

here is the link to this activity. I love confessions of a homeschooler! She always has neat printables.

Cody is progressing slowly but he is making an effort! I have found a few apps that we use on the Kindle that he likes better than writing the words and he has shown huge improvement in just a few weeks since we took these pictures. The apps are Kevin Bradford apps. You can find them on Facebook. 

I LOVE being a homeschooler!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Smallin War Cave Tour 2013

This is a co-op field trip we took in November 2013. Very neat place with lots of wonderful history! 

Crawl fort was the favorite of the kiddos!

Our tour guide telling us the rules and some history before we walk down to the cave :)

These pools were my favorite, they are several feet deep but the water is so clear it only looks like inches deep!

Soda pop bottle formation.

At the end of the tour the kiddos got to pan for gemstones.

I LOVE being a homeschooler!!!

Halloween 2013 pre-k work packet

Picked this packet up here and Cody has enjoyed it. We have several holiday pre-k packets from this site and I think they do a wonderful job of making them! 

Prewriting Practice Sheets
Cutting Practice
Which one is different?
Finish the Pattern Sheet
Size Sequencing Sheet
Halloween Strip Puzzle
4-Piece Puzzles
Sorting Practice
Counting Practice Cards
Color the Pumpkin
Letter and Sound Finding Cards
3-Part Vocabulary Cards
Shadow Matching

Our kitty, Kumo, is always interested in our daily school time :)

When I print these kinds of packets I always laminate them because I know they will get used over and over again and possibly 2 years in a row. Lamination is DEFINITELY worth the time/money!  

I LOVE being a homeschooler!!!