Monday, July 7, 2014

Tree Removal ( 2014 )

We had a tree removed recently and Cody loved to watch the process :)  

I LOVE being a homeschooler!!!

last co-op day ( Nixa group 2013-14 )

We had our last co-op day in March 2014 for the co-op we were in from Nixa group. I loved setting up math and science stations for the kids and moms to go through. 

I LOVE being a homeschooler!!!

snowflake patterns

We got these snowflake pattern foam shapes from a friend of ours a few years ago and get them out every so often :) 

I LOVE being a homeschooler!!!

Shamrock sight words ( March 2014 )

We are working hard on sight words and sounding out new words :) Here is the link to the phonics game and here is the link to the sight word game. 

I LOVE being a homeschooler!!!

Cody's Birthday Bowling Party 2014

Cody is into the Avengers and Bowling :) A few of his little buddies came to the bowling party and we had a good time at this 6th birthday. Can't believe my baby is 6!

The Bowling alley set up the party and food, all I had to do it bring the cake!

Talking to the boys about safety and manners. 

Cody has been in lessons and has his own ball :)

The younger boys used the ramp :) Grandma was there to help with the kiddos. 

The Bowling Alley gave Cody a bowling pin for his birthday that everyone got to sign.

So much fun!

I LOVE being a homeschooler!!!